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Kate Bolton

Kate Bolton has worked as an osteopath for over 14 years after graduating from Unitec in 2006. She treats a variety of patients and particularly enjoys working with pregnant women, infants and young children. Kate is also very interested in the effects of anxiety and stress and how that can manifest in the body.

Andrew Bolton

Andrew Bolton has been involved in a number of sports and strengthening/conditioning programs. This has led to a keen interest in the treatment of sports injuries and rehabilitation. He enjoys combining his knowledge of exercise prescription with osteopathic care in treating acute and chronic pain conditions.

Main clinic:
Parnell Natural Health
1/532 Parnell Rd
Auckland 1052
Ph 3006066
Home based treatment room:
Essential Osteopathy
41 Verran Rd Birkenhead 
(Please park on the road. Treatment cabin does not have bathroom facilities.)

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Osteopathy is a unique approach to healthcare that focuses on the musculoskeletal structure and treats the body as a single unit with a great capacity to heal itself. An osteopath helps the body to function freely, allowing the natural self-healing properties to work effectively. Using a range of techniques, osteopathy restores the natural balance of the musculoskeletal system.